The trust would like to focus mainly on the family and community involvement in the training programme for the mentally challenged children. Some of the activities that are going to be implemented in “Awareness- Participation-Involvement” programme are:
- Distribution of pamphlets ( through news agencies and volunteers) containing information on mental retardation programme, walkathon, parental and community involvement in total rehabilitation programme 
- Presentation about the school is spread across the community in prime places like shopping complex, MNC companies etc in Bangalore city. 
- To conduct 2days of parents training programme twice in a year. 
- To understand their children’s problems better. 
- To establish better understanding and co-operation amongst the parents. To encourage the participation of the community. 
- To encourage the participation of minimum of 3persons relatives and friends of the families of the handicapped children in 2days training programme.
Our Building 
The total plinth area of the building is 2400(SFT). The building is suitable for school purpose. The building consists of 1 prayer hall, 5 toilets with an attached bathroom, 2 big  rooms separate for Boys and Girls, 1 kitchen. Residential facilities are available in the same building.

Furnitures and Fixtures
Every two years we request your support to change office chairs and children furniture. 

The kitchen has been provided with grinder, mixer, tumblers, jugs , water filter, kettle, idly cooker, boiling tubs, buckets, big tubs, cookeries and cutleries etc.

Bedding and other Furnitures
Every 6 months we request your support to change bedsheets and bedspread. 

Recreation Facilities 
The school has been provided with television, radio and tape recorder for recreation purpose. 

Sports and Cultural Facilities 
The school has been supplied with indoor and outdoor sports materials such as Carom board, Chess board, Snake and ladder board, Throw ball , Skipping ropes, Badminton Shuttle cock etc.

The school is furnished with Black Board, Benches, Chairs, Chalk Piece Boxes, Dusters, Posters, Charts, Teaching aids etc to support the educational activity and meet the educational needs of the programme. 

Need Volunteers 
who can support us in Teaching Play/ Games Fund raising Research Documentation Presentation Art & craft Cultural Activities 

Facilities at Navachethana 
We take extreme care to fulfill the needs of children by providing them the best of facilities. Children are served with mid-day meals everyday. We provide residential facility to children, where every child’s end-to-end needs are met with concern and care. We have dedicated staff and Sub – staff members to run this organization. All teaching staff at Navachethana are trained on Integrated Educational Diploma i.e. training and special skill required to rehabilitate the mentally challenged. 

Statutory Requirements and Registrations 
Navachethana fulfills all statutory requirements. Certificate under section 12A(a) of the Income-Tax Act 1961 is obtained. Recognized U/S 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961. Income Tax Returns are filed every year, the Permanent Account Number (PAN) of the Foundation is: AAATN3300Q. A Chartered Accountant, appointed by the Board of Management, audits accounts every year.

Details of Children 
Total No Of children(Current) : 45 
Mild : 20 
Moderate : 08 
Severe (profound) : 17 
Number Of children enrolled till now : 420