In 2001, the school was initially stated in a single room premises with 5 children and 3 staff . Within one year number of children were increased to 24 and staff to 5 with a new premises (corporation building) in the prime location of Bengaluru. New children were enrolled by door to door survey in the surrounding areas resided by families of low socio economic status. Till now a total of 10 children have been enrolled into the school. 23% of the children have been integrated to normal school. 

- Has been awarded Sadaka Ratna by Saheli groups in the year 2003. 
- Has been awarded Best Social services offered by JCI, Bangalore in the year 2006.

Date Of Birth: 27-06-1996, Date of joining school: 03-06-2004 
Ganika, a mentally challenged child with language problems when joined the school was not able to get along with other children and used to get scared seeing people around. She could not understand anything and had no self help activities. To start with self help training was introduced. Initially she was not at all cooperative and with lot of pampering she took 6 months to respond to the training. Soon she started developing slowly in all areas and also got comfortable with people. Later she was identified to have learning disability problems like not able to recognize letters. With lot of training and using pictures she could overcome this problem. Her language problems were over come by encouraging her to speak more in multiple languages and both at home and school. After seeing tremendous improvement in her, she was integrated into JSS school for 1st std in Jun 2006. Currently she is studying in 4th std and the school is still in touch with her parents to know about her progress and guide her. 

Date Of Birth: 21-01-1980, Date of joining school: 21-02-2003 
Farooq, a severely retarded child with behavior, language and eye sight problems joined the school at the age of 23. His mental age was of 3 years at that time was hyperactive with no self help activities and toilet training and no knowledge of letters. Initially he was started with self help training and step by step he improved with all activities. As educational training was not possible for him, he was started with training on house hold activities. He was trained in sweeping, swapping, organizing things and cleaning activities. Now he does all his activities himself as well helps other children in the school. Within 1 year he was able to perform all the tasks given to him independently. Now he has been appointed as a helper in the school and is paid for his services.